Extraordinary places on the earth that science cannot explain.
  • 19.01.2023
  • 1431

As we all know,there are places that even scientists cannot explain.The formation and causes are extraordinary places that no human can explain.There is a holy power a mighty force.

Scary blizzard in Buffalo
  • 29.12.2022
  • 890

I can't imagine how people are coping.I prey for everyone who is suffering & recovery is quick after the storm stops.

Crazy tornado images.
  • 28.12.2022
  • 683

The best footage I've ever seen,but that tornado is comple tely horrifying in its destructive power.

Birth of the butterfly
  • 27.12.2022
  • 730

Interesting fact:It breaks down and dissolves pretty much it's whole body (except nervous system) in to a biological soup and rebuilds entirely.Almost nothing is known about how in the the hell a broken down biological goo can rebuild a butterfly!

İncredible collapse of the glacier. ( Nature is amazing )
  • 22.12.2022
  • 992

That dark blue from the ice being compressed over who knows how long is amazing.That deep blue is beautiful.

Nature is angry
  • 18.12.2022
  • 784

Water and volcanic eruptions may be the two most powerful forces on earth .

Nature always repays us for the harm we do to her.
  • 16.12.2022
  • 807

One day-one way or another mother nature will take back her planet ! We treat it so badly !!

A little peace.
  • 05.12.2022
  • 680

The fish and underwater scenery are absolutely breathtaking.??