The kitten doesn't want to let go of the little duck
  • 29.01.2023
  • 74

Kitten cuddle the duckling closely because he don't want she leave him.

kitty feeding her newborn kittens
  • 29.01.2023
  • 8

a few hours after birth, she feeds her kittens with great devotion and compassion. Motherhood is sacred to all living things.

The reactions of animals seeing themselves in the mirror
  • 29.01.2023
  • 49

To be honest, I think most mammals and many birds+reptiles probably could recognize themselves in a mirror given proper conditions. Nearly perfect mirrors, especially vertical ones, aren't typically found in nature. It's not surprising that when an animal encounters one, the first reaction is most likely going to be fight or flight. I mean imagine if you were walking down a side walk, and all of a sudden a moving hologram of yourself appeared 3 feet in front of you. Your first thought isn't going to be "Oh look, a hologram of me!" It's gonna be something like "Oh shit! There's someone else right in front of me!" Even in social species like ours, seeing another of your kind isn't necessarily a good thing. Males that fight for breeding rights especially are less likely to calmly approach an unknown animal that looks to them like a rival of about equal strength. The video also made some good points about how differences in vision also impacts what the reflection would look like to different animals. I don't think that would prevent self-recognition, but it definitely may make it more difficult.

Obesity is a sad state in every living thing
  • 28.01.2023
  • 236

Of you think rising obesity is only a problem with humans, think again! It might be surprising to learn animals in the wild can be obese too,especially since they obviously get their regular work outs in when they're chasing their food.

The poorly Fed pony could not mı e because of its long hooves
  • 27.01.2023
  • 136

Volunteers from the Belgian animal shelter Animaux en Peril couldn't believe their eyes when they rescued this sweet pony.The horse was in very bad shape.... He was abused malnouris hed and neglected.

Cat meets little baby kitty
  • 27.01.2023
  • 115

In this video,İ want to show how Cat William met his son named artist.His age is 2 monts .He is a very cute and playful baby kitten with very beautiful eyes and a bright sunny pattern on his coat. HD is mother is a British Shorthair cat named Anabel with huge green eyes an bright coat color.

Awesome dogs & floor changing prank
  • 27.01.2023
  • 153

They freaking loved that fake grass! It almost looked like they sniffed around expecting to amelle other dogs,but soon realize that wasn't the case.Too Funny!

Animal kigdom that wiil surprise and amuse you
  • 27.01.2023
  • 207

Imagine being pulled out into space and suffocating for air and a giant creature tickles you while your Sting.

Intelligent birds that we will admire with their superior intelligence levels
  • 26.01.2023
  • 130

OMG I can't believe parrot feet is in a bowl of noodle eww salty n greasy in his feet good luck if who's ever could wash it off .

Extraordinary can flicts between animals
  • 26.01.2023
  • 318

It's pretty sad that this is the way of nature,but human society is even worse!

İncredibley strong affection between Golden Retriever and cats.
  • 25.01.2023
  • 149

Mommy cat,confident and relaxed,leaves her kittens there with the puppy and everyone is happy! They will all grow up as best friends together!

Little kitty who doesn't want to bathe
  • 25.01.2023
  • 111

It's adorable to see the little one try and fight back but then kinda hold back and gently paw her on the whiskers...Cause even the animal kigdom knows of the motherly whoopings.

The struggle of a tiny turtle with an open heart
  • 25.01.2023
  • 131

I'd be terrified she'd bump her lil heart on something.She doesn't know she's any different,which is so precious. She's very special.

Biggest dogs
  • 24.01.2023
  • 195

As long as dogs have beden app ropriately trained and are tune with family life and dynamics,no matter what size they will protect you till the end.

British shorthair Cat and kittens amazement at toy chicks
  • 24.01.2023
  • 161

This is a a cute cat farm, cute creatures play cute toys, cute video and cute reactions! Apollo's videos are good for mental peace.

Fun time with cute labradors
  • 23.01.2023
  • 165

Having a dog is like having a powerbank of happiness. " If you spend time with animals,you risk becoming a better person."

Two headed animals
  • 23.01.2023
  • 182

If you had two heads, would one of them control everything ? Or will they have to fight each other to control the body.

Extraordinary motherhood of the raptor
  • 22.01.2023
  • 173

Beautiful birds are excellent parents.They are wonderful mothers by nature.WE expect a more irritable motherhood from such raptors,but how soft and patient they are.They feel the feeling of motherhood to their bones.

The friendship of the pigeon,who lost the ability to fly, with dogs
  • 22.01.2023
  • 215

There's a lesson here: All animals are sentient and far more emtinally intelligent than we have titled them to be !

İnteresting moments captured by those who come to safari
  • 22.01.2023
  • 72

That was hilarious ??. Don’t go on a safari if you aren’t cool with becoming a part of the food chain. These people seemed to accept that harsh reality except for the lady begging that elephant to not attack. Like lady you chose to go into their house and these are wild animals. I like how chill that guy getting clawed by the leopard was.???

The little cat was afraid to let the little duck go,so she hugged him and left him
  • 21.01.2023
  • 325

There's certain level of cuteness a human can withstand.This was above my thereshold.I've lost consciousness when the kitty cuddled the duck and dozed off.My heart just melted over &over again !

The terrible and funny behavior of wild animals to humans
  • 21.01.2023
  • 205

I came to the realisation that most people dont fear crocodiles as much as other animals. I am terrified of the idea that something is under water patiently waiting for you to step in. I dont understand people who feel so secure in the wild without any weapons, especially in water. If I knew that there are crocs where I live, I would doublecheck the bath tub before jumping in.

A baby elephant that does not leave the swamp until it's mother is rescued.
  • 20.01.2023
  • 233

So touching ! I'm always thankful for people like the rescuers, who devote their lives to saving and caring for wildlife animals.

Amazing moments of reunion with the owners of dogs
  • 20.01.2023
  • 350

Dogs give 100% love and every dog ​​of any breed has a big, loving heart!❤️??. One scientist studied dogs and concluded that any dog ​​loves everyone - people, animals, birds, etc..??. One person said that dogs are the last angels left on earth. Dogs are the best animals in the world!❤️??.

Extraordinary places on the earth that science cannot explain.
  • 19.01.2023
  • 395

As we all know,there are places that even scientists cannot explain.The formation and causes are extraordinary places that no human can explain.There is a holy power a mighty force.

The incredibley human-imitating crow
  • 18.01.2023
  • 937

Believe it or not,crows can mimic human speech.They do it the same way parrots do,using their syrinx to mimic words and sounds they hear and repeat them.People really understimate the intelligence of the most intelligent creatures on our planet (birds in general are;wich is why it doesn't make sense bird brain is still used as an insult). Scientists did a study and have discovered they remember your face,they talk about you to other crows, they remember what you did,and more cowswill at tuck if they heard you ve done somet hing wrong.Yup they plan for the future too!!

The incredible happiness of the dog adopted from the shelter.
  • 18.01.2023
  • 363

The look on this puppies face is one that all cats and dogs should have.My fervent prayer is that all of them can know the joy of this moment!!! I love people who approach animals with love and compassion.This world belongs to all living things.

Fearful moments that animals make people experience .(just like a horror movie.)
  • 17.01.2023
  • 296

Big cats generally want notting to do with humans, they instinctively know that we are predators and will actively try to avoid us,but ifa big Cat shows an interest in eating you can put between you and the cat,they have a strong prey drive and will pursue you,advancing on the cat or standing your ground is the best option as it sees that you do not fear it and may attempt to harm it,cats prefer prey that do not fight back.Brown and polar bears on the other hand don't care they will tear you up if they feel theatened or are very hungry.

hero animals saving people
  • 17.01.2023
  • 542

Imagine your Fighting a dude hand to hand, then all the sudden as you start to get the upper hand in the battle, your opponent whistles and you think nothing of it. Suddenly out of nowhere, his pet elephant comes out of no where and starts charging you full speed

sweet animals that amuse us with their cute moves
  • 16.01.2023
  • 411

I wish someone would get me one of those really tiny dogs like they have in Japan. They're soooo expensive. And I am nervous forking over that much for a sight unseen, breeding facility unseen, foreign country, international shipping, etc. But I really want one of those tiny dogs.