Pretending My Golden Retriever puppy Bite Hurt
  • 26.09.2023
  • 2569

I love how she sits with her back legs stretched forward and her belly just hanging down.

Golden Retriever Loves his wife
  • 26.09.2023
  • 195

That mom is amazing and so loving to her Babies They are absolutely beautiful and the dad mom Sleeping together is just amazing.

Cute Malamute Husky Puppy Howls Along
  • 25.09.2023
  • 1428

Extremely impressive ( and precious ) for a newborn puppy.

Super Funny Mirror Prank On Dog
  • 17.09.2023
  • 974

Amazing funny mirror prank a dogs

Pretending to Put My Dog on a diet
  • 17.09.2023
  • 733

The way he growled when touching the bowl was so interesting.Like " food here "

Baby Grows up with His 125-pound Dog
  • 14.09.2023
  • 1834

You can easily see this here : a dog that adores the kid, a kid who adores his dog and a young woman adores his dog, and a young woman who loves being a mother.

Dogs and Babies
  • 08.09.2023
  • 3826

Yes, lovely videos.Just remember never to leave your baby alone with your furry friend. You can never know what's going on in a dogs mind.

Paco 8 weeks French Bulldog first barking to the mirror
  • 08.09.2023
  • 700

Paco 8 weeks French Bulldog first barking to the mirror.

French Bulldog Blows up Balloon
  • 08.09.2023
  • 4432

French Bulldog Blows up Balloon ; )

Dachshunds in the park
  • 31.08.2023
  • 390

Dachshunds in the park.

Dachshund & Penguin
  • 22.08.2023
  • 2207

I love how it just ran all over the place while the penguin just sat there spinning.

  • 21.08.2023
  • 1157

We was very lucky to caught this moment on camera , how happy they both are together.

Newborn Dachshund dogs
  • 19.08.2023
  • 924

Cute Sausage Dogs Videos Newborn Dachshund Dogs Playful Wiener Dog Funny Dachshund Puppies Love Dachshund ! The Videos are so cute.

Cute 4 week Old Boxer Puppies Playing
  • 14.08.2023
  • 870

Look at these cute little babies

Boxer dogs AMBUSH hoooman !
  • 14.08.2023
  • 1172

Oy started with Layla havinga bite and a bark...Then Heidi came in to help...

Funny Babies Laughing Hysterically at Dogs Compilation
  • 12.08.2023
  • 821

The purest from of love and life on the Planet in this video

When your dog is home alone!
  • 05.08.2023
  • 1231

The moment when he rolled him self in the scarf was golden

Chihuahua puppy barks at bigger dog
  • 04.08.2023
  • 3971

Chihuahua puppy barks at bigger dog

I cannot change gears in my car because a Chihuahua problem
  • 04.08.2023
  • 592

I cannot change gears in my car because a Chihuahua problem.

Then and Now . Dachshund from puppy to adult.
  • 02.08.2023
  • 2517

So fun to look bacak ! How could anyone not love a Dachshund ? They are so adorable & lovable .

Miniature Dachshund Puppies from All Over the world
  • 01.08.2023
  • 1118

My good !! They are so cute and Tiny!!

High IQ dog helps owner to buy food
  • 01.08.2023
  • 1217

Never ever seen a dog so well train.Take good care of her she an Angel.

Golden Retriever Dad Babysits Puppies
  • 29.07.2023
  • 935

I love how a Golden can be so annoyed but chooses to do absolutely nothing about it.Theyre such gentle animals.

Funny and Cute Dachshund Dogs Playing in the park
  • 26.07.2023
  • 730

Seeing them playing and happy like this makes your day better.

Pup Is Really Happy To Be In His Mom's Yoga Workout.
  • 22.07.2023
  • 1704

Now this is one big motivation to exercise and do yoga everday.Happy dog !

A Dog takes the subway every day.Then a man follows him and realizes why.
  • 21.07.2023
  • 844

A Dog takes the subway every day.Then a man follows him and realizes why.

This Dog Risked His Life to save His Girl... Real Hero !
  • 20.07.2023
  • 1166

Dogs are not called man's best friends for no reason at ball.These mag nificent creatures will do what ever they can and they will happily risk their lives to protect us and to get us out of harmis way.

Husky Wants to play with a Chihuahua
  • 15.07.2023
  • 3007

The Husky has not one,but two little dogs to play with? The Husky looks so happy LoL! O know this is 8 years too late and these good boys and girls might have passed on,but O hope the Chihuahua got to have some peace and guiet after that !

Chihuahua puppy barks at bigger dog
  • 15.07.2023
  • 8298

Chihuahua puppy barks at bigger dog

Shih Tzu puppies after the first bath
  • 15.07.2023
  • 1577

After they took their 1st ever bath ( since birth), here are the new look of our puppies.Fluffier than ever !